We are a full-service Law Firm located in Denison, Iowa

For more than 100 years the Law Firm of Reimer, Lohman, Reitz, Sailer, & Ullrich  and its predecessors have provided encompassing legal services to clients; including individuals, farmers, small businesses, banks, and other intities.

Reimer, Lohman, Reitz, Sailer, & Ullrich is located at 25 South Main Street in Denison, IA and consists of 4 lawyers who represent clients with skillful and cost effective legal services.  The firm represents clients in areas including agricultural law, business organizations, civil litigation, criminal defense, estate planning, estate and trust administration, family law, juvenile law, real estate and taxation.

The firm’s lawyers work professionally with each client bringing passion, integrity and creativity to each case they handle.   The lawyers recognize and understand that no two cases are alike and work personally with clients approaching each case individually to obtain the best results for our clients.