We are a full-service Law Firm located in Denison, Iowa

How long does the divorce process take?

In Iowa, there is a ninety-day waiting period from the day the responding party is served until the divorce can be final.  In some circumstances the waiting period can be waived but generally, more than ninety days are required to settle a divorce.

How long does the litigation process take?

Each and every case is a little different from the last.  Different factors go into your particular case, such as trial dates, appeals, how complicated your case is and how motivated parties are to resolve the issues.

What does the Reimer, Lohman and Reitz Law office charge to represent me?

(Need information from you on this one.  Does the client only pay if they win?  Do you charge an hourly rate?  Do clients pay for all court costs?  Filling fees?  Postage?  Do you front these expenses and give client an overall bill at the end?)

What can I expect from my first appointment?

At Reimer, Lohman and Reitz you can expect a courteous, caring and professional staff.  We set aside plenty of time to meet with our new clients and discuss the relevant issues to their case.  We recommend that our new clients bring in any relevant documents to the first meeting.  This information will help enable us to provide you with more informed initial advice.

What can I expect from my first trial?

Most cases are resolved before going to trial.  However, we prepare every case as if it is going to be presented before a jury.  By the time a case is ready for trial, our clients have spent a significant amount of time with our lawyers and feel prepared for the trial.

Who will handle my case?

Each case will be staffed with a lead attorney from the team at Reimer, Lohman and Reitz and supported by a team of professional paralegals.